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Tips for NCLEX Preparation

If you are an aspiring practical nurse in LPN training or you are just making your decision if you want to enroll in LPN programs, the NCLEX test is something you must be aware of. Now you are at the point of needing to pass the National Council Licensure Examination Practical Nurse, also called the NCLEX PN. This exam is in place to really test your skills and knowledge of your trade. It is not a rubber-stamp test, it demands preparation.

The NCLEX PN is the examination given by the State Boards of Nursing to determine the competency of aspiring practical nurses. It is a major part of your career path and cannot be avoided. It is also challenging and with proper preparation it can be passed, even with some ease. But, you have to KNOW your stuff.

Prepping for the NCLEX PN

Even if you feel like you know everything about being a practical nurse and you passed your training program without issue, this test is different. It combines the clinical and the classroom training. Preparation for the test should basically begin the day you decide to enroll in an LPN program.

Courses That Prepare you for NCLEX

There are many review courses out there that help those who need refresher courses or extended study for the exam. These classes assist you in finding your true strengths and weaknesses. Many schools offer these to graduating students, so look in to that at your school.

Have a NCLEX PN Test Plan

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has a fantastic test plan on their website. This will help you focus on what will be covered in the exam. This is a good idea to check out regardless of what you use as your study resource because they handle the actual testing.

Available Study Guides for the NCLEXNCLEX Test

There are a multitude of NCLEX PN study guides available online for aspiring practical nurses.  The Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN is one of the highest recommended online resources for test preparation. Like mentioned before, always check the NCSBN website before deciding on a study guide.

NCLEX PN Practice Tests

Challenging yourself with a NCLEX PN practice test is a great idea. This will help you find your strengths and weaknesses and where to focus your studies. Also, it gets you ready for the way the test is given and you will have your brain trained for the task.

Lastly please keep in mind that you can find dozens of practice tests for the NCLEX PN online.

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