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If you are currently a Licensed Practical Nurse and you want to grow your career, you might want to look at the LPN to RN programs to make achieve this.

This type of LPN training will give you the right education and be employed and work as a (RN) Registered Nurse. Also, bridge programs are faster than traditional RN programs in most situations.

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LPN to RN Bridge Programs – The Advantages

If you choose to enroll in to one of the many accredited LPN to RN bridge programs across the country you are giving yourself a jump start on a new career path and trajectory. Going from licensed practical nurse to registered nurse is a step that is never regretted. It is too natural of a move.

The advancement to Registered Nurse from Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse will give you advanced job opportunities with positions you were not qualified before making the transition to RN.

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LPN to RN Bridge Programs – The Requirements

Bridge programs are in design and intent for working professionals looking to make an upward shift in their careers. Like going from LPN to RN, naturally. What these programs offer and how to get registered is detailed below:

  • Must be currently licensed
  • Must be 18 years old
  • pass background check
  • Vaccination Tests

Remember that each bridge program may have some variation of the requirements that is specific to them so just double check with the admissions office. It would be a minor thing in most cases.

Where Can I Locate LPN to RN Classes?

LPN and LVN to RN schools are all over the United States. Community colleges, nursing schools, vocational colleges and universities are just some of the places to find them. And not to mention, online LPN/LVN to RN schools are available as well.

We have gathered a list of approved or accredited programs that you can find via the search function in the upper right hand corner of the page.

RN Bridge Program Enrollment Advantages

From making more money to a higher level of confidence these programs are full of upside with the only downside is that any time you are working and going to school or just one in itself can be difficult. These programs try to make the process as streamlined and easy as possible.

Save Your Personal Time

Being able to be flexible is a tremendous advantage given by bridge programs. They allow you to be as aggressive as you want to be and what your life allows. These courses can be done in 6 months in some cases, Online programs will speed things up too.

Save Your Money

This is a great way to save your cash and move at your own pace instead of taking out a huge loan.

Personal Growth

I would consider this one the most important. As you grow your educational level and your experience level, you will boost your control of your working situations and environment. When you do this, good things happen.

Time to Enroll in LPN to RN Programs

With the enrollment and completion of your LPN to Rn bridge program you will without question, be on your way to success!

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