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FAQs About LPN Schools

Not unlike making a major purchase in life, LPN schools is a financial commitment, it is a essential you ask the right questions when you actually sit down with someone from the actual school.

You should include what matters to you in these questions. We have compiled some common questions for you below.

What to Ask When You Talk to Multiple LPN Schools

LPN schools have admissions departments and staff that will be there to help you but you must be prepared since they are really busy people and you do not want to depend on whether or not you get help up to them. Be ready for yourself!

“What are the standard admission requirements?”

Though this may seems obvious you would be surprised how much you forget to ask in the moment. And schools have varying requirements for admission in some cases. So this is a vital one.

In most cases these will take care of it for you:

  • HS diploma, GED
  • Be at least Eighteen
  • U.S. citizen or resident
  • Pass background check

Requirements for LPN Schools

“Does your school have good accreditation status?”

The National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission is the leader in accreditation in LPN schools and knowing whether or not your schools is accredited is imperative for the reasons below.

  1. School graduates are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam
  2. Employer preference
  3. Accredited LPN schools have standards and regulations to adhere to

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 “Does the program include clinical learning?”

Clinical training is always required to become an LPN but it does vary from state to state how many hours have to be completed for graduation. It is common for LPN programs to have relations and partnerships in place with local operations like hospitals etc.

There are cases where the students need to arrange these themselves so be aware of this detail.

“Are job placement services available at LPN schools?”

If there are job services available at your prospective LPN school, USE THEM! What a fantastic resource for your benefit. We recommended that you look at those schools first due to the added benefit provided.

LPN Schools

Other Questions to Consider

Individual state requirements and guidelines are great questions to ask. Another is financial aid options. Look at any federal or state aid that can be obtained.

Once you are ready to look at LPN schools, feel free to CLICK HERE, look at the listings below or look in our search feature on the top of the page to find a school near you today!

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