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FAQs About LPN Bridge Programs

If you are currently a licensed practical nurse and want to make more money and grow your career, then you will be using some form of LPN bridge programs. If case you were not aware of what a bridge program is, it is a program that allows those who are working professionals to have shorter duration of the completion of their studies.

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What are Some of the Benefits of LPN Bridge Programs?

If you are an Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and you more from your career. For whatever the reason is, you will need a bridge program due to the fact it is designed specifically for you. Also there will be similarities to your first LPN program.

How Long are LPN Bridge Programs?

If you hold a degree or are already a LPN than not using a bridge program would be to your detriment. These programs use previous credits you have earned towards your new educational goals. Basically it skips some parts you already know and that saves you money and time. In LPN bridge programs, you can receive your bachelor’s degree or the required training to become a registered nurse (RN) in two years or even less in some cases.

Why Else Should You Use LPN Bridge Programs?

Below we have gone in to further detail about practical nursing bridge program advantages:

• Increased Possibilities for Advancement
• More Job Opportunities
• Increased Salary or Wage
• Improved Work Environment
• Choice of Work Environment in Some Cases
• Respect From Management and Co-workers

LPN Bridge Programs

What are the Main Types of LPN Bridge Programs?

While there are many programs to choose from, the two most common LPN bridge programs are LPN to RN bridge programs and LPN to BSN bridge programs. Both have portions that can be done online so take advantages of that where you can. Make sure your program is accredited by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

LPN to RN Bridge Programs

Even if you have experience as a working LPN, to become an RN you would in some cases need up to four years of college. But with enrollment in to one of the great LPN to RN bridge programs you could be done in seven to eighteen months! Remember to ask the same questions that you did when you took your LPN training.

Bridge Programs for LPNs

LPN to BSN Bridge Programs

By earning a Bachelor’s degree you can definitely command a higher wage. This is something that takes upwards of five years to achieve. If you use a bridge program as an LPN you can do this in two or three years. The prerequisites of the university or college will determine how long it will actually take. You may join a LPN to BSN bridge programs at numerous schools listed on our site and that does include online LPN bridge programs. And again please remember to ask the same questions you asked when you enrolled at your LPN school.

Are There Online LPN Bridge Programs?

Yes, there many online options for bridge programs. Schools have gotten on board and are offering classroom free training while you work as a LPN/LVN!! Take advantage of these opportunities because they are extremely beneficial. For detailed information on advantages/disadvantages of online training see our Guide to Online LPN Programs. For more LPN program information CLICK HERE.

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