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CNA to LPN Programs

If you are currently employed as a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant and you want to further your career, try CNA to LPN programs. You can acheive more while not having to stop working while you do it. You can use a lot of the same knowledge you use everyday as a CNA to become an LPN/LVN faster.

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There are similarities at the licensing and certification level too between CNA and LPN professions. Each state has different rules and regulations so be sure to check out our individual state pages for those specific guidelines from the states. Below we will show the benefits from CNA to LPN training.

CNA to LPN Programs

You may love your work as a nursing assistant but you just need a little more money in your pocket and want to climb the employment ladder of success. CNA to LPN bridge programs can do all of this and more. The CNA to LPN move is an under appreciated one in my opinion, for it fills a lot of LPN roles for healthcare employers. This again can all be done while you still work at your current place of employment.You can save two semesters on average by becoming an LPN as a CNA. There are also online schools available.

Online CNA to LPN/LVN Programs

Online courses are a great time and money saver for students. Similar to getting your CNA certification, getting an LPN license is handles in a similar fashion but extends from the skills you learned as a CNA. Online training just allows you to have your life while you study for the next stage of your career. The online forum for education has improved immensely and nursing programs are some of the best on the market.

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24 hours a day and 7 days a week, online classes are open. That is their beauty. Well part of it. Saving money and time are also pretty appealing don’t you think?

Reasons to Become a Licensed Practical or Licensed Vocational Nurse

There are plenty of reasons why you should want to enroll in one of the online CNA to LPN programs. Some of these include:

Increased Salary

An LVN/LPN does in fact make more money than a nursing assistant. The LPN salary is $19.97 an hour and $41,540 a year. The more experience you attain will also make you more money. Below is a comparison of what a CNA and LKPN make on average.

cna to lpn salary
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Job and Career Growth predicts a 22% increase in vocational and practical nurses over the next decade! That is a huge increase. The time could not be better to become an LPN!

Extended Career Opportunities

There are even more career growth opportunities ahead of a working LPN. Much more than a CNA. There are LPN to RN bridge programs and if you make that step, a BSN or MSN can be reached quite easily. That being said, it is just a smart way of getting exposed to new careers and higher pay while not taking time away from work. These are all bridge program set ups that again, will work with your time schedule.

CNA to LPN Classes and Courses

To many an online CNA to LPN program is like a campus school. The same subjects are covered. With the same materials and requirements. You just have a more open time frame to do it in., If you want to crank it up and cram it out. You can. If you need to take it slow, you can definitely do that too. That is the purpose of the online course.

Internships used to be a necessary part of LPN/LVN programs. Check with your employer as a CNA and see if they have programs that can benefit you. In most cases, they do.

CNA to LPN Programs are Waiting for you!

LPN training programs are not for everyone. But if you are already working as a CNA, than you are almost there already! In 6 to 9 months with a CNA to LPN program you can become an LPN! The path to success comes at different points and roads. And if you are at one of those points CNA to LPN programs may be able to be just what you need to make the change for your future!

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