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LPN programs are designed for those who want a career within healthcare that is consistent, fast-growing and exciting. If that is you, then we have schools for you! According to statistics, the field of practical nursing is growing well above the national average at 25%.

In as soon as one to two years, through either online LPN programs or conventional LPN programs, you can get ready to take the NCLEX-PN examination. There are a lot of options for practical nursing education out there! So let’s get you started today!

LPN Program Requirements

It’s vital to go over all the conditions to become a LPN before you start your training courses. You need to be the legal age to be employed in your respective state, own a high school degree or equivalent and successfully pass a standard background check. There may be additional requirements but those are at the individual state level. Be sure to check your state nursing board for details.

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When you are looking at enrollment it would be beneficial to you in every way to ask a ton of questions. It educates you along the way and most of all it will save you time and money in the long run and even get you a job. Below we show you some examples of questions that we feel need to be asked.

What is the LPN School’s Accreditation Status?

The National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission handles all United States accreditation status for schools. Below are what graduating from an accredited school will do for you.School graduates are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam

  • Just how well do trainees do in passing the license assessment
  • Definitive employer preference
  • All schools with accreditation status have regulations and laws to follow

Is There a Clinical Portion to Licensed Practical Nursing Programs?

A large part of the education program is in the classroom studying typical college level courses. But the crucial section of your training is the clinical portion. Be sure that your school has a great clinical section so you can get as much hands on work as possible. It will help immensely.

Are There Job Placement Services at the Practical Nurse Programs?

Any schools that helps you after you have attended to find work is amazing and should be taken advantage of. Ask about there services quickly for it should not be understated that healthcare jobs are like other jobs where knowing someone and having relationships in the field will always help you.

Video for Practical Nursing Programs

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Requirements for LPN Programs

Guide for Enrolling in LPN Programs

There are a number of outstanding programs to choose from, however you must ensure the LPN courses you would like to enroll in meet certain requirements. There may not be a lot of Licensed Practical Nurse schools in your area, however you still need to choose the training program that will best guide you to your professional objectives. Do not afraid to ask a lot of questions. It is your life, not theirs. Take your time and be confident. It is your time!LPN Programs

To begin with, you have to make sure the course has been licensed by the State Board or maybe a well-known agency such as the American Nurses Association.

If the accreditation of the school is good, you could possibly look at a few other features of the course compared with other training programs featuring the same training.

  • Just how well do trainees do in passing the license assessment
  • Student study associations presented on forums

Qualities of a Top Notch Practical Nurse

  • Empathy and Compassion - All nurses should be compassionate and empathetic to all patients in their care.
  • Attention to Detail - Details rule healthcare. Up and down and in and out, details save lives and are imperative to the job
  • Communication Skills - As a LPN you will be in constant contact with others. Be it as patients or co-workers and communication is vital.
  • Physical and Mental Stamina – Nurses are on their feet and on task all the time on the job. So the brain and the body need stamina to do the job.
  • Co-exist with Others - Nurses work with other nurses and other shifts of nurses. They often share tight spaces too. Make sure you can do that.
  • Patience – It is hard to explain how much patience is needed as a nurse. Let us just say being patient would benefit you everyday single day. When dealing with sick patients who rely on you for everything, it can be difficult at times.


Should you get a Practical Nursing License?

Without question, a nursing license is essential for future LPNs, which comes straight from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The Nurse Aide Registry manages a national registry that has each certified LPN on it. Preparing to pass the NCLEX PN examination will be the final step before being eligible for hiring. Once you’re certified and included, you’re ready to go.

Online LPN Programs

How to Find LPN jobs in Your State

For aspiring nurses, the LPN job outlook is one of the brightest of any vocation. A rapidly-aging population coupled with new changes in the country’s medical care system could lead to an increase in the total number of additional jobs for licensed men and women through 2020.

No matter if your primary goal is to be employed in the healthcare market, there will never be a more suitable time to be a nurse in your state. Jobs are being created daily across America within healthcare! Don’t miss out on your chance to make a big change in your life that is positive for you and others.


Practical Nursing Employment Statistics

In the year 2012, practical nurses held about 738,400 jobs according to statistics. The breakdown of which types of jobs they were is listed below:

Care Facilities – 29%

Hospitals – 20%

Doctor’s Offices – 12%

Home Care Services – 11%

Home Care Facilities – 8%

Practical nurses will be employed in every medical setting where patient care is being done. As listed above there is a diversity. All of this adds to the desirability of the profession and the timing of becoming one yourself. LPN salaries are rising and it is now the time to enroll in LPN classes and become a practical nurse.

What is a Typical Work Schedule for a Practical Nurse?

It is not overstated by most nurses that hours are not hard to come by. If you become a nurse be ready to work. They are typically full time jobs. Even though their are part time jobs out there, they are not the norm. Nursing jobs are routine in their nature.

In this you will get better at your job and in most cases there is a life improvement. Once you have other’s health in your hands it tends to change a person for the better.

LPN Training Success is Next!

Thanks to the information we’ve provided, you should be ready to sit down and decide on your LPN school of choice and start your new exciting career path immediately! We have also compiled FAQS about LPN training and FAQS about LPN schools for more in depth preparation. Good luck and please comeback to us for more great resources and tips for your success.

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